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 The Ultimate Underdog

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El Landerson

El Landerson

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PostSubject: The Ultimate Underdog   Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:54 pm

Ring Name: El Landerson
Nickname(s): The -Bit Luchador
Hometown:San Jose California


Pic Base:Rey Mysterio


Theme Song:Here Comes the Boom ft DMX and Sean Paul and Mr Vegas


Disposition (Face, Tweener, or Heel): Face
Gimmick:A character who is constantly looking on the bright side of life, and never lets anything get them down.
Favorite Match Type: Steel Cage
Least Favorite Match Type: Ladder match
Weapon of Choice:Steel Chair


Common Moves (10 Max):
1.Headscissors reverse DDT
2.Spinning wheel kick-Sometimes while Spring boarding}
3.Springboard sitout facebuster
4.Standing shiranui
5.Suicide Dive -Sometimes into a tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown)
6.Lou Thesz Press
7.Roll out Counter into a Sunset flip[Followed by a high speed Roundhouse kick to the side of the Opponents head
8.Springboard{Sometimes from the second rope
10.Tornado DDT
Signature Moves (5 Max):
1.Modified Bronco Buster-He kicks his Opponent in the gut and jumps on top of him and hits the Modified Bronco buster
2.Baseball Slide-when the Opponent try's to flip him over he reverses it and hit's them with the Baseball slide
3.Diving hurracanrana-He waits for his Opponent to rise up and when he was finished getting up he Jumps off the ring apron and hit's him with the Diving hurracanrana

4.Springboard somersault-He Springs off the top apron and hit's his Opponent with the Springboard somersault
5.Victory Roll-He sneaks up behind to his Opponents and rolls them up in a Victory Roll

Finishing Moves (3 Max):
1.Landerson Six-One-nine- He kicks them from behind and signaling for the Landerson Six one Nine to his Opponent
2.Landerson's Springboard leg drop-He jumps off the apron and hit's the Springboard leg drop onto his Opponent
3.Landerson Springboard Diving Headbutt- He climbs up on the ropes and hit's his Opponent with the Springboard Diving Headbutt

First establishing himself in the Cruiserweight and tag team divisions, the Mexican Superstar soon proved that size doesn’t matter when he beat the odds to win the Royal Rumble Match in 2006. From there, Landerson accomplished the inconceivable when he won the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleFest 22, becoming the smallest Superstar ever to hold that title..


Name:El Landerson
Twitter Handle:N/A
Are you able to write matches from time to time?Nope
Do you GFX or make videos?N/A
How did you find us? Google
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The Ultimate Underdog
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