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 Official Rules & Regulations

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RISE Management
RISE Management

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PostSubject: Official Rules & Regulations   Mon Feb 05, 2018 9:37 pm


- There will be a strict policy in regards to one pic base and one theme song per person. If there is a pic base taken already, you may not choose it. The same thing with theme songs, if it's taken you can't use it. You may refer to the Unavailable Pic Base List by clicking HERE! You may refer to the Unavailable Theme Songs List by clicking HERE!

- Please be sure to follow the Sign-Up Template thoroughly and have your Sign-Up completed in order to be signed and booked on a show.

- Your pic base can be anyone that has high-resolution pictures for Graphics. Wrestlers & MMA fighters are usually best, but pic bases will be approved upon signing up.

- Make sure your name on the website is the same as your ring name. It'll save writers from getting confused and looking past your promos.


- If you are inactive (Not being on the website for two weeks at a minimum), without letting the owner know, you will be released.

- If you do not RP for matches you are scheduled for, but you are on the site someway or another without any reasoning, you will no longer be booked until further notice.

- All shows will be posted on time. The weekly show will be on Fridays and will be posted in the afternoon. There's no exact time that it will be posted, but it will be no later than Friday afternoon.

- Just show up, RP/promo, communicate and have fun!


- There are different promo limits for matches depending on match type. These limits are as follows:
Normal Match: 2 promos/1.5k words each.
Main Event: 2 promos/2k words each.
Championship Match: 3 promos/2k words each.
iPPV Match: 3 promos/1.5k words each.
iPPV Main Event: 3 promos/2k words each.
iPPV Championship Match: 3 promos/2.5k words each.

- You are expected to promo for every match. If you do not promo, your career will not go far. If you will not be able to promo, let a staff member know. Preferably before the card is posted. That way you will not be booked for that week's show.

- Promo quality is more important than promo quantity. A longer promo than your opponent will not guarantee a victory.


- We would like all of our members to show a general respect for each other. This will include no bullying or disrespect towards other members. Anyone caught breaking these rules will be punished.

- Any member caught using hate speech (racism, sexism, homophobia) will be dealt with accordingly.


- We understand that nobody likes to lose. Please understand that it is impossible for everyone to win and be happy. Sometimes you will lose. Complaining about that loss will not benefit you, taking it on the chin and using it to help you improve will help you.
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Official Rules & Regulations
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